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In the unfortunate event of a fire, emergency lights and exit signs play a critical role in guiding occupants safely out of the building. In the case of a power outage (potentially rendering the building completely dark), emergency lights and exit signs must operate as designed, and for a fixed amount of time. The loss of power automatically activates emergency lighting, which could be powered either by battery or a backup generator. It’s important to remember that if there is a fire, emergency lights will not turn on until electrical power has been lost.

We can help you with the following emergency lighting services:


Testing and Inspection

We can help you achieve and maintain compliance with the fire code by performing testing and inspection of the emergency lights located within your property.

Emergency Service

If your emergency lights require service and you require a qualified technician to take a look at them, give us a call at (613) 223-2223.

Parts / Repairs

We work with a network of distributors that provide us with access to a wide range of emergency lighting / exit sign brands and parts. Our technicians are also qualified to repair and/or install emergency lights and exit signs within your property.

Preventative Maintenance

Performing testing, inspection and preventative maintenance is the easiest and cheapest way of avoiding expensive repairs. During the annual inspection, we will perform preventative maintenance on your emergency lighting units.

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The purpose of emergency lights during a power outage is to provide illumination for paths leading to exit routes,  provide a minimum level of lighting in high-traffic areas, keep building occupants calm, illuminate tripping/falling hazards, and emphasize assemlby points. The building code requires emergency lights to be installed in common areas of high-rise buildings. Incadescent lights can be found on older installations; while high-output,  low-voltage LED lamps can be found in most modern installations. Our experienced technicians are qualified to test, inspect, maintain, repair or replace your building’s emergency lights and exit signs. Give us a call today at (613) 223-2223.

Testing, Inspection & Maintenance

The Ontario and National Fire Codes clearly lay out the requirements for the testing, inspection and maintenance of emergency lights and exit signs. For the annual inspection, emergency light battery packs must be able to provide emergency lighting for a duration equal to the design criteria under a simulated power failure condition. For our annual test, Avangard trained technicians will confirm that your building’s emergency lights will switch to an alternate power source after a simulated power failure within 10 seconds, and  sustain a minimum of 30 minutes of operation. For the monthly inspection, emergency lights are checked to ensure that they will function upon failure of the primary power source. For a detailed breakdown of the scope of each inspection; please visit our Emergency Lights Testing and Inspection page.

Fire Code Testing/Inspection Requirements
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Annual Emergency Lighting Testing/Inspection

As per OFC O.Reg. 213/07 Div.B. &

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Monthly Emergency Lighting Testing/Inspection

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