Fire Alarm Systems

Fire detection systems start working long before a fire becomes a real risk. Research has shown that timely reporting in the first few minutes of a fire is absolutely critical in protecting lives and property. Avangard Fire & Life Safety offers a comprehensive array of fire alarm products and services including testing, inspection, upgrades, repairs and part replacements for most brands of fire alarm systems. We can provide the following parts for most fire alarm brands and models:

  • Annunciators
  • CPU Boards
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Heat Detectors
  • Smoke / Heat Detectors
  • Speakers / Strobes / Bells
  • Batteries & Power Supplies
  • IAM’s
  • Isolators
  • Pull Stations
  • Supervisory Switches
  • Sensitivity Readers
  • Interface Modules
  • Waterflow Switches
  • Plus others…
Fire Alarm Services

How we can help

Our professionally trained fire alarm technicians and inspectors are on standby to assist you with the following services for your building’s fire alarm system and peripheral devices:

Testing and Inspection

We can help you achieve and maintain compliance with the fire code by performing regularly scheduled fire alarm tests and inspections. Many of our technicians are factory trained by various Original Equipment Manufacturers, and in possession of PSPC Secret (Level II) clearance.


Emergency Service

Is something causing your system to go into alarm? are your bells going off in the middle of the night with no actual fire? If a fire alarm system becomes inoperable; the law requires fire watch resources to be provided. If your system requires immediate attention; give us a call at (613) 223-2223.


Parts / Repairs

We have over 30 years of combined experience working with all fire alarm brands. We work with a network of distributors that offer OEM parts for most fire alarm brands. In most instances, we can offer you cheaper pricing than what is offered by your system’s original manufacturer.


Preventative Maintenance

Keeping your fire alarm system in optimal condition will help you reduce cost by avoiding unexpected repairs. As part of our testing/inspection program, we will perform maintenance on your fire alarm system including sensor and sensitivity calibration, checking batteries, etc…

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If your system is old and outdated, there’s a chance it needs to be replaced. In this case we will work with you to identify what is the most economically feasible option. However, you don’t always have to replace your system. You can often extend its life simply by replacing a few key components. Depending on the brand and model of fire alarm system you currently have; we can offer you brand new or factory reconditioned parts. We can also repair obsolete, legacy and current models. All rebuilt parts come with a 2-year warranty.

Testing, Inspection & Maintenance

Although your fire alarm system may appear fully operational; time or other factors may have been at play. Our Ontario Fire Code (O. Reg 213/07) was designed to address this risk, and requires the performance of frequent inspections. Our fire alarm inspection will expose (and resolve) problems before the property and occupants are exposed to risk, and will ensure that the system performs as expected in the event of a fire. We have extensive fire alarm expertise and the ability to test, inspect and maintain any brand of fire alarm system. Many of our CFAA-certified technicians are factory-trained by various original equipment manufacturers.

Avangard Fire & Life Safety will perform fire alarm testing in accordance with current applicable codes and best practices. All fire alarm detection devices will be tested using methods approved by the manufacturer. The Fire Alarm Testing, Inspection & Maintenance page will describe the scope of work for each of the annual and monthly fire alarm inspections.

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