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The following will outline the scope of work of the annual and monthly Fire Extinguisher tests and inspections, as mandated in the Ontario Fire Code and prescribed in NFPA 10.

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The Law

Fire Extinguisher

Annual Testing/Inspection

Ontario Fire Code - Div. B. -

Maintenance and testing of portable extinguishers shall be in conformance with NFPA 10, “Portable Fire Extinguishers”.
** Portable extinguishers must be serviced by a qualified technician in accordance with NFPA 10. **

A complete annual inspection of fire extinguishers as per NFPA 10, including the following:

  • Inspect extinguisher and mounting hardware for apparent physical damage, leakage, corrosion or missing parts.
  • Inspect hose and nozzle for signs of deterioration and/or obstruction.
  • Conduct tests to verify proper condition and reading of pressure guage.
  • Inspect the lockpin, seal and tamper indicators.
  • Tag and record all test and inspections on an extinguisher tag (one per extinguisher).
  • Supply a complete set of documentation outlining the scope of the test and inspection.
The Law

Fire Extinguisher

Monthly Inspection

Ontario Fire Code - Div.B.

Portable extinguishers shall be inspected monthly.
** A record of this inspection shall be recorded on the tag located on the portable extinguisher or in a maintenance log book. **

Every month the following fire extinguisher inspection procedure shall be performed in accordance with OFC requirements:

  • Inspect extinguishers and mounting hardware for apparent physical damage, corrosion, leakage or missing components.
  • Inspect extinguisher nozzle for apparent physical damage, corrosion, leakage, or missing components.
  • Conduct visual inspection of the pressure gauge to verify proper reading.
  • Inspection lock pin, seal and tamper indicators.
  • Sign the tag to verify the monthly inspection.
  • Supply a complete set of documentation of the test and inspection to building owner within 15 days of completion.

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