Fire Extinguishers

Our laws place significant liability and responsibility on building owners and managers to protect their occupants. Arming your building occupants with properly maintained extinguishers significantly increases their chances of avoiding harm in an emergency.

Your first line of defence against a fire hazard are fire extinguishers. The danger of allowing an extinguisher to go too long without maintenance is pointing it at a fire, and nothing happens. Fortunately, our specialists are trained at maintaining your current extinguishers, and at perform the monthly and annual inspections. We sell, test, inspect and maintain most brands and types of fire extinguishers.

Testing and Inspection

As part of our testing and inspection program, Avangard trained technicians will perform the monthly and annual tests/inspections that are required by the fire code for your building’s fire extinguishers.


Preventative Maintenance

As required by law once every six-years, we perform a thorough maintenance check on all ABC and BC dry chemical extinguishers. Note that this is different than the monthly and annual testing requirement.



We work with a network of distributors providing us with access to various brands and types of extinguishers that are available as replacements for your current expired models.


Hydrostatic Testing

Every 12-years, the fire code mandates full hydrostatic testing and recharge for stored pressure dry chemical extinguishers.

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There are different types of extinguishers that are available for commercial buildings; each meant for a specific hazard (A,B,C,D,K). Class A fire extinguishers are designed for use in ordinary fires such as burning wood, paper and most plastics. Class B extinguishers are designed for combustible and flammable liquids and gases such as gasoline, oil/grease, propane and natural gas. Class C extinguishers are effective for electrical fires, and Class D are designed for chemicals. Our experts can help you choose the right extinguisher for your facility and the assets you are trying to protect.

Testing, Inspection & Maintenance

During our first inspection of your facilities fire extinguishers, our trained technicians will attach metal tags to each unit. Each tag will display a record identifying the date, scope of inspection and the name of the technician. As the building owner/operator, you are tasked with ensuring that these records remain visible at all times and are not tampered with. We will also keep a record of each inspection within our data management system, ensuring that this information remains accessible at all times. We will also inform you when it’s time to perform other tests that might be required by law; including the 6-year maintenance check and the 5,12-year hydrostatic tests/recharges.

As part of our testing/inspection program, a professionally trained technician will perform the code-mandated inspections for your facility’s fire extinguishers. The Fire Extinguisher Testing, Inspection & Maintenance page provides a detailed scope of work for each of the annual and monthly extinguisher tests/inspections.

Fire Code Testing/Inspection Requirements

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