Fire Hose

Tests & Inspections

The following will outline the scope of work of the annual and monthly Fire Hose tests and inspections, as mandated in the Ontario Fire Code and prescribed in NFPA 1962.

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The Law

Fire Hose

Annual Testing/Inspection

Ontario Fire Code - Div. B. -

Hose valves shall be inspected annually to ensure that they are tight so that there is no water leakage into the hose.

Ontario Fire Code - Div. B. - (1,2)

(1)   Standpipe hose shall be inspected and re-racked annually and after use, and any worn hose or gaskets in the couplings at the hose valves and at the nozzle replaced.

(2)   When hose is re-racked as required in Sentence (1), it shall be done so that any folds will not occur at the same places.

A complete annual inspection of hoses as per NFPA 1962, including the following:

  • Inspect Fire Hose for damage, cuts, or mildew.
  • Inspect all valves and nozzles.
  • Re-rack Hoses arranging folds at different
  • Visually inspect the entire fire hose cabinet for damage to glass, lock,
  • Supply a complete set of documentation of the Test and Inspection.
The Law

Fire Hose

Monthly Inspection

Ontario Fire Code - Div.B.

Hose stations shall be inspected monthly to ensure that the hose is in proper position and that all of the equipment is in place and in operable condition.

Every month the following fire hose inspection procedure shall be performed in accordance with OFC and NFPA requirements:

  • Conduct a visual inspection of the fire hose for cuts, damage or mold.
  • Conduct a viual inspection of all valves and nozzles.
  • Conduct a visual inspection of the hose cabinet to verify condition of glass, cork, etc.
  • Supply documentation of the test and inspection.

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