Fire Hoses

Fire hose reels are meant as a supplement to fire extinguishers. Unlike fire extinguishers, where there are specific types to be used depending on the type of fire, there’s only one kind of fire hose. All fire hoses are connected to a water-supply (called a standpipe), and are therefore only suitable for fires that started from paper, wood, textiles, rubber and most plastics (Class A). DO NOT use hose reels on electrical, oil or cooking fat fires. The benefit of fire hose reels is that they are easy to use and offer a virtually unlimited supply of water. Our technicians are qualified to test, inspect and maintain your fire hose reels in accordance with the Ontario Fire Code, National Fire Code and NFPA 1962 (Standard for the Care, Use, Inspection, Service Testing and Replacement of Fire Hose, Coupling, Nozzles, and Fire Hose Appliances).

Testing and Inspection

As part of our testing/inspection program, our technicians will perform the monthly and annual inspections that are required by the fire code for your building’s fire hose reels.


Preventative Maintenance

During the annual inspection, our technicians will completely extend the fire hose in order to perform cleaning and maintenance before re-racking.



We work with a network of distributors providing us access to various brands and types of fire hoses that are available as replacements for your current models.



Our fire hose service is carried out as per OFC & NFPA 1962. Repairs to fire hose cabinets/reels can be carried out as required during inspections.

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Having your fire hose reels serviced regularly ensures that is in the best condition of fighting a potential fire. It also identifies whether the fire hose reel has been subject to misuse/abuse. Using a fire hose for any reason other than fighting fires (i.e. washing floors or vehicles) carries a significant fine as it can reduce the effectiveness of the hose in the event of an emergency. If you need assistance with any issues related to your fire hose assemblies, give us a call at (613) 223-2223.

Testing, Inspection & Maintenance

As part of our testing/inspection program, our qualified technicians will fulfill the fire code’s monthly and annual inspection requirements for your building’s fire hose cabinets/reels. During the annual inspection, our technicians will fully extend; maintain and rerack the fire hose. If required, our technician will attempt to use the parts inventory in their truck to perform repairs. Otherwise, parts could be ordered and the technician will return as soon as possible to perform the necessary repair. For a description of the monthly and annual inspections, please visit our Fire Hose Testing, Inspection & Maintenance page.

Fire Code Testing/Inspection Requirements

Monthly Fire Hose Inspection

As per OFC O.Reg. 213/07 Div.B.

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