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The following will outline the scope of work of the annual and monthly Fire Pump tests and inspections, as mandated in the Ontario Fire Code and prescribed in NFPA.

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The Law

Fire Pump Systems

Annual Testing/Inspection

Ontario Fire Code - Div. B. -

Fire pumps shall be tested annually at full rated capacity to ensure that they are capable of delivering the rated flow.

Annual Test and Inspection of Fire pumps as per OFC O.Reg 213/07 and NFPA 25

An annual test of each fire pump assembly shall be conducted under minimum, rated and peak flows of the fire pump by controlling the quantity of water discharged through approved test devices:

  • Check circulation relief valve for correct operation to discharge water.
  • Check pressure relief valve (if installed) for proper operation.
  • Continue test for ½ hour.
  • Record electric motor voltage and current (all lines)
  • Record pump speed in rpm.
  • Record simultaneous (approximately) reading of pump suction and discharge pressures and pump discharge
  • Observe operation of any alarm indicators or any visible
  • Supply a complete set of documentation of the Test and Inspection.
The Law

Fire Pump Systems

Monthly/Weekly Testing

Ontario Fire Code – The water level in the fire pump reservoir shall be checked weekly. – Fire pumps shall be operated at least once per week at rated speed. – The fire pump discharge pressure, suction pressure, lubricating oil level, operative condition of relief valves, priming water level and general operating conditions shall be inspected during the weekly operation of fire pumps. – Internal combustion engine fire pumps shall be operated once a week for a sufficient time to bring the engine up to normal operating temperature. – The storage batteries, lubrication systems, oil and fuel supplies shall be inspected once a week.

Weekly test and inspection of fire pumps as per OFC O.Reg 213/07 and NFPA 25

    • Inspect air and water supply line relief valves in pressure tanks.
    • Operate the fire pump at rated speed.
    • Inspect the following:
      • Fire pump discharge pressure.
      • Suction pressure.
      • Lubricating oil level.
      • Operative condition of relief valve.
      • Priming water level.
      • General pump operating condition.
      • Storage batteries.
      • Lubricating systems.
      • Oil and fuel supplies.
    • For diesel-powered fire pumps, run the pump for a sufficient time to raise the engine’s temperature up to normal operating temperature

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