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When a fire strikes, make sure you have the water pressure to fight back. Fire pumps are responsible for feeding the building’s sprinkler and standpipe systems with a continuous supply of water in the event of a sprinkler discharge. This supply of water has to be adequate in volume relative to the size of the building, and the size of the sprinkler piping. Fire pumps are required in buildings where the local municipal water is unable to provide sufficient water pressure for the building’s sprinkler system. This typically occurs in cases where maximum water pressure is required at a far distance away from the pump, such as in the case of a warehouse, factory or high-rise building. Fire pumps are powered by a diesel engine or an electric motor. In very rare circumstances, they are also powered by steam.

We can help you with the following fire pump services:

Testing and Inspection

We can help you achieve and maintain compliance with the fire code by performing testing and inspection of your diesel and/or electric powered fire pumps.


Emergency Service

If your fire pump requires emergency service and you urgently need a qualified technician to take a look at it, give us a call at (613) 223-2223.


Parts / Repairs

Performing testing, inspection and maintenance is the easiest and cheapest way of avoiding expensive repairs, especially if the pump requires complete replacement. However, this could still happen. If your fire pump breaks down and requires repairs, give us a call.


Preventative Maintenance

A properly maintained fire pump is essential for effective fire fighting. As part of our testing/inspection program, we will perform maintenance on your fire pump including the mechanical transmission, hydraulic devices, motor, lubricating internal components, etc…

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Fire Pumps are the heart of your fire protection system. Without a suitable and properly functioning fire pump, your building’s sprinkler system may not have an adequate supply of water required to fight a fire. Fire pumps in Ontario are designed and installed in accordance with NFPA 20 (Standard for the Installation of Stationary Pumps), and tested as per the Ontario Fire Code in accordance with methodologies outlined in NFPA 25 (standard for the Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems).

Testing, Inspection & Maintenance

The Ontario and National Fire Codes state that the requirements for fire pump testing that are described in NFPA 25 are deemed as satisfactory. NFPA 25 is the Standard for the Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems.

Our Fire Pump Testing, Inspection & Maintenance page describes the scope of work of each of the annual and monthly/weekly fire pump tests and inspections.

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