Repairs & Upgrades

As Avangard trained technicians perform your monthly and annual tests and inspections; a report will be compiled outlining deficiencies and recommendations. A deficiency requires immediate attention as it is a violation of fire code regulations, and could vary in severity from a burnt out light bulb within an emergency light, a defective smoke detector or an overdue sprinkler internal obstruction test, to a compromised fire panel. A recommendation is not a fire code violation. However, it may represent a preventative strategy which could develop into a violation if it were not addressed. One example is a recommendation to upgrade a fire panel system which may be currently working, but has reached (or passed) its end-of-life. If the system is not upgraded, it will likely fail in the near future. Fixing a recommendation is usually more cost-effective than waiting until it turns into a deficiency. In addition, it allows the building owner/operator to forecast costs instead of having to deal with emergency expenditures. In the previous example, when the fire panel fails it will be considered an emergency because the building will be left without protection. In this case, the fire code requires the building owner/operator to provide a staff resource to act as a fire watch. Emergency labour is also significantly more costly than scheduled work, especially if the panel fails in the middle of the night.

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Repairs & Upgrades

The Bottom Line

When you sign a testing, inspection and maintenance agreement with Avangard; you can rest assured that we have the capability of dealing with any issue that could arise for the term of the agreement. We have a number of technicians that are factory-trained by various major Original Equipment Manufacturers. This provides us with the capability to perform diagnostics, repairs, replacements as well as system upgrades. We have agreements with third-party suppliers that offer parts for all system manufacturers at prices that are usually lower than local OEM’s.

If during the annual inspection it is discovered that the fire panel requires various repairs, this will be outlined in the deficiency report. After the inspection is complete and report is compiled, a member of Avangard’s management team will visit the customer to review the report and ensure that the customer understands the reasons for the deficiency, and the recommended approach to rectify the issues.

We are happy to work with any customer that requires service for their life safety equipment. However, customers that have signed a Testing & Inspection Agreement with us will receive a discount on labour.

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